Community Guidelines

August 5th 2017


We want to make Huskie a fun, comfortable and safe place where people can freely discuss whatever it is that they want to discuss. That said, you still need to respect everyone on Huskie. Be nice to each other. Don't spam, harass or impersonate anyone. Don't post anything illegal or pornographic.

Bullying & Harrasment

Huskie does not tolerate any kinds of bullying, harassment, or actions that encourage such behaviors. People on Huskie are your classmates, so be nice and be inclusive even if you are anonymous.

Pornography & Nudity

Huskie does not allow any form of pornography, nudity or sexually explicit content to be posted on the platform. The general rule of thumb is if the content is not safe to be opened in class, it should not be posted on Huskie. Keep it clean and classy 😎.

Personal and Confidential Information

Huskie prohibits users from posting personal and confidential information. If it is private information about someone, it should not be on Huskie. Similarly, exam questions and solutions to homework should not be posted on Huskie. Users can collaborate on assignments and homework, but any official documents from the university should never be posted.

Spam Content

Do not spam Huskie with the same content over and over again. It is a place for discussion, not promotion. If you want people to come to your event, post it once only. Spam content will be automatically removed by our moderators.

Guidelines enforcement

If you notice user posted content that does not follow these guidelines, please report it to Huskie. Our team of moderators will review every single report and remove posts if necessary. Huskie moderators also reserve the rights to ban any members from Huskie if they are consistently not following these guidelines.

For more information, please check out our Terms of Service.

Happy Husking!
The Huskie Team 😀